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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Directors Ramblings

The Ride for the Heroes and IVHOG turnout was unbelievable. To see so many of our members participating shows we have a special power to have a positive impact on any event. Arriving at Deans very early in the morning was exciting. Each of you who participated played a special role in the events success. I heard from so many people beginning at Deans and ending at the staging area at the Garden of Reflections about the number of participants we had on the run. Thank you for the support and great day. Continue reading

Information on Columcille Ride, June 23rd, meeting at Dean’s KSU 10am,

We have just learned, there will be a special public event at Collumcille, the megalith park, our destination for tomorrow's ride. It is a gathering to celebrate the first day of spring. This means that the very small parking lot will be filled and cars will be parking on both sides of the small back road. Parking on the road up there is too hard for motorcycles. The side of the road is too soft to safely support your bike! Therefore, we will be taking a Ride-By. You will see the location of the park and you will be able to see some of the megaliths and the Stonehenge type circle. Anyone who wants to stay at the park can pull out of line and take their chances with finding a safe parking space, but the rest of the ride will go on to a local ice cream stand before going on a leisurely ride home. Continue reading

Harley Davidson gives Pope Francis two Motorcycles

Vatican City, 12 June (AKI) - Harley Davidson has given Pope Francis two of its classic motorcycles to mark the brand's 110th anniversary and on Sunday hundreds will be allowed to park along the road leading to St Peter's Square while the pontiff recites the Angelus prayer. Between 1,000 and 2,000 bikers are expected to fill St Peter's Square for the Pope's blessing - the highlight of a four-day event in Rome to celebrate more than a century of Harley Davidson. More than half a million Harley Davidson riders and fans from around the world are expected to head to Rome for the event taking place from 13-16 June . The entire length of Via Della Conciliazione, leading from St Peter's Basilica to the River Tiber will be turned into a giant Harley-Davidson bike park. Continue reading

Earplug Earphones – Earphones that look like Earplugs

I just got the most amazing earphones and they are perfect for riding on a motorcycle. They look like Ear Plugs, and totally block out the wind noise and let you hear the music from any MP3 or iPhone music player. I can still hear cars around me (at a greatly reduced volume) and they stay in my ears even at high speeds. I drove around with them for a few days now on the highway, and back roads and absolutely love them. Next time you see me, ask me to check them out, I will be happy to show them to you. Below is the description from the web site. ( Continue reading