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Richard Liebel

Tiff's Dad

Waterproofing Your Ride

Waterproof gear is a necessity for any serious motorcyclist, and these days there is a wide selection of pants, jackets and one-piece suits that will keep the rain on the outside, while allowing perspiration to wick away, leaving you dry and comfy behind the bars. But if you don’t seal up vulnerable areas, such as the neck, waist, wrists and boots, rain and wind will find an opening and quickly turn your journey into a soggy mess. Here are a few tips to help keep Mother Nature out. Continue reading

Tiffani Liebel – Why I Ride

When I was little, my dad would always talk to me about riding on dirt bikes when he was younger and all the fun he had on street bikes when he finally saved up for one. He took me to all sorts of motorcycle events. At one event, Dad let me ride around on a little dirt bike track they had set up. The bike even had training wheels! I remember racing around lapping all the boys, and it was then I realized that I wanted to ride when I grew up. Continue reading
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