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Earplug Earphones – Earphones that look like Earplugs

I just got the most amazing earphones and they are perfect for riding on a motorcycle. They look like Ear Plugs, and totally block out the wind noise and let you hear the music from any MP3 or iPhone music player. I can still hear cars around me (at a greatly reduced volume) and they stay in my ears even at high speeds. I drove around with them for a few days now on the highway, and back roads and absolutely love them. Next time you see me, ask me to check them out, I will be happy to show them to you. Below is the description from the web site. (http://www.plugfones.com/)

Roger Joseph


plugphoneslogoIf you are looking for earphones that look like earplugs or earplug earphones, your search is over! Plugfones are engineered to help protect your ears against hearing loss, just like other traditional earplug devices. The added advantage is that with your Plugfones in place you will enjoy your favorite music while also blocking out the noise around you!

You can use Plugfones for factory work, lawn care, motorsports, travel, students and more!

Certified Hearing Loss Protection

Plugfones have undergone rigorous testing according to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) specifications, by EPA approved testing facilities and have received an Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 25 dB giving you the benefit of listening to your music while benefiting from certified hearing loss prevention when used as directed.

Earplug Earphones for Factory Workers

Plugfones are great for factory workers who labor in loud environments, by preventing hearing loss while also allowing you to listen to your favorite audio. This always allows for a much more enjoyable shift. Be sure to follow all of your workplace hearing protection policy rules and use Plugfones only as directed.

Earplug Earphones for Race Fans

Plugfones also work great for race fans who want to tune into the action at the track without cranking the volume on their regular headphones too loud. These earplug earphones act as hearing protection headphones or ear protection headphones to ensure hearing loss prevention.

Earplug Earphones for Everyone

Plugfones are perfect for any place where there will be a lot of noise. Use where ever you want your earphones to look like earplugs. These headphones that work like earplugs are great for mowing the lawn or working in your home shop or vacuuming because Plugfones are earplug earphones that provide hearing loss prevention while still being awesome headphones. Visit our products page to buy or select a pair from the right hand column of this page.

The Plugfones, earplug earphones, are ANSI certified earplugs and when used as directed offer a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 25 dB. This certification ensures that ourearplug headphones will help provide hearing loss prevention when they are used correctly.  In some overly loud environments, there may be a requirement for a volume delimiter to be used in conjunction with Plugfonesdepending on noise levels.

What Is A Noise Reduction Rating?

noiseReductionRatingLabelAn official Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) is a certification of the number of decibels that a noise level can be reduced by the proper application of the device or item being tested. This rating is provided so that the consumer can choose a device that will provide adequate hearing loss prevention given their normal activities and usage.

As an Example in the case of our earplug earphones, if we were running a bulldozer with an average noise level of 100 dB, without hearing loss protection we could run into trouble very quickly. If we correctly insert our Plugfonesinto our ear the 100 dB is reduced to 75 dB which is about the same noise level as an electric shaver or TV.

What Noise Reduction Rating is right for me?

Every activity or workplace has a different noise level, but the average noise level for certain types of activities can be easily gauged by referencing this quick hearing loss prevention infographic provided by earplugstore.com.

 Enjoy Your Ears Longer

So now that you have found Plugfones, the earplug earphones, you can not only protect your ears from irreversable damage, but also add a spring to your step and overall enjoyment to your work.

Stay Happy, Work Harder, Hear More, with Plugfones, Hearing Loss Prevention that Rocks.

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