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Easy rider on Harley-Davidson mobility scooter fools the police

A RETIRED caretaker who rides a mobility scooter styled like a ­Harley-Davidson is repeatedly pulled over by police – for riding on the pavement.

At first glance Geoff Dickson's ride looks like a Harley-Davidson [SWNS]

At first glance Geoff Dickson’s ride looks like a Harley-Davidson

Geoff Dickson says officers often mistake his £6,000 electric buggy for a proper motorbike. He has been pulled over after riding on the pavement and hunted down in cafes after parking on a walkway.

But police back down when they realise his three-wheeler is fully ­legal and only capable of 4mph.

The buggy is a familiar sight in Wells, Somerset, where the father of three, 64, has been nicknamed the “Wells Angel”. Geoff has the condition HSP – which means his nerves are dying, leaving him unable to control his legs.

He said: “I was told I had to get a mobility scooter but all I saw were pink things with baskets on the front – I really wasn’t impressed.

“The woman in the shop asked me what I would be interested in so I told her I wanted something that would go off-road and that looked like a Harley-Davidson.

“Just because you are old and disabled doesn’t mean you can’t be cool. It has really given me a new lease of life. Some people call me the Wells Angel and that’s fine – it’s only rock’n’roll but I like it.”

The Sport Rider has chrome forks and handlebars and a large central headlight like a motorbike.

Some people call me the Wells Angel and that’s fine – it’s only rock’n’roll but I like it

Geoff Dickson

He said: “I was driving along the pavement when a police car pulled over. When they got out, one was nudging the other and they were laughing. One said, ‘Sorry, Brains here thought you were riding a motorbike on the pavement’.

“On another occasion a police officer came up while I was drinking coffee. I had left the scooter parked outside the shop. He was going to tell me off for parking on the pavement but realized his mistake.”


The scooter has fooled several police officers

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