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Fourth Annual Modern Classics motorcycle show

From: Mary Ellen McKay

I thought this would be interesting to IVHOG members….saw it in my local paper……4th Annual Modern Classics Motorcycle Show in Boyertown for this Saturday, March 1st.

The Fourth Annual Modern Classics motorcycle show is coming, March 1, 2014. As in each of the past three years The Modern Classics will be a one day, indoor show highlighting the iconic motorcycles of the 60s, 70s, and 80s. These are the bikes that made you a motorcyclist!

For 2014, the featured class will be the two-stroke powered motorcycles of this era. Come on out and see the smoke, hear that distinctive sound, and smell the smells of your favorite two stroke classic, as well as our collection of many other classics from those decades. Every year is a completely new display of unique and stunning motorcycles!

The show hours are 9am – 5pm and admission is $8 (children under 12 are free). The Italian Market of Skippack will be our lunch spot on the mezzanine. Plan on spending the day with us!

Want to Present Your Bike?

The Modern Classics is an invitational show featuring historically significant motorcycles from the decades of the 1960s, 70s, and 80s. Please don’t bring your bike unannounced on Saturday morning expecting to show it. Unfortunately we don’t have the space for a show like that.

The show committee decided on over 100 bikes they would like to see to represent the three decades of motorcycles. That list can be seen here.

For a Modern Classic – If your bike doesn’t exactly match the bike on the list but you think it is truly a modern classics please send us your nomination. With the many variances of each model from year to year the committee attempted to narrow it down but we don’t want to exclude your machine if you think it belongs in The Modern Classics.

For the 2 Stroke Featured Class –   These bikes are 2-cycle engined motorcycles offered for sale between 1960 and 1990. Historically significant bikes from slightly before and after this time frame may be considered if they are helpful in telling the story of two strokes and their place in motorcycle history. The show is primarily focused on “street” models but a limited number of off-road and racing models may also be considered. The planning committee has created a two stroke “Want List” that you can see by clicking here

NOMINATIONS ARE BEING ACCEPTED NOW! Please submit your nomination no later than by February 1, 2014

A submission includes a written narrative about your bike, and pictures. Your bike will not be seriously considered unless you have these items. CLICK HERE FOR NARRATIVE EXAMPLES

This is how you present your bike

The Bike Nomination Process:

Step 1. Nominate your bike via email: Submissions can be emailed to modernclassics@martinmoto.com

— Year, make, model, engine displacement and country of origin

— Photographs from multiple angles

— Contact information of the owner; name, email and phone number

— A brief but impactful narrative of the history of the bike, or it’s history with the owner(s). NOTE: We place a lot of emphasis on the write-up because it will be posted on the bike during the show and placed in the Show Book. CLICK HERE FOR NARRATIVE EXAMPLES

Step 2. The show committee will be in communication with you about the status of your bike nomination around the first week of February.

Step 3. The show committee extends an invitation to you to present your bike. At this point the information you need to to know is below…

Step 4. You commit to showing your bike for all to enjoy!

Contact Information:

—  Submissions can be emailed to modernclassics@martinmoto.com

—  OR call 610-369-3120 and ask for Jack

Why would I present my bike at The Modern Classics?

Several great reasons:

  • Every bike is given its own space with an individualized placard (the bike owner will keep the placard).
  • Every bike that appears will be given its share of press, from the reporters present at the show to the Modern Classics website and book which will house the bikes/owner’s profile year-round.
  • Every bike will be given a professional photograph in an on-site studio. Digital copies and prints will be available for each owner.
  • Your bike will be featured in the Modern Classics show book created for each show.
  • A opportunity to win a People’s Choice Award which includes a keepsake and special recognition in the post-event press release.

How does my bike get to the show?

  • Bike owners bring their bikes to the show on their own a few days prior to the show for photographing and placement.

Schedule – When does my bike need to arrive for the show?

  • The bikes need to arrive a few days prior to the show. It will be kept in our secured and temperature controlled facility. We will begin taking in bikes earlier in the week as needed for convenience for the bike owners. We will begin load-in Friday night to the showroom floor. The reason we ask you to bring in your bikes earlier in the week is because we photograph each bike and the process is time-consuming.

Duration – how long will my bike be at Martin Motorsports?

It’s mostly up to you, but here’s the data:

  • The bikes will need to stay for the entirety of the show.
  • There may be hours available the day after the show for pick-ups. Those details will be available as the show date gets closer.
  • We will be as flexible as possible to make it easy for the bike owners to present their bikes.

Where will my bike be displayed?

  • There is a predetermined layout for all the bikes in attendance. Each bike will have a 6x10ft space to be displayed. The bikes will be grouped by decade. The owners are deeply encouraged to stay around the show for the day. Each owner will be given a tag hung on a lanyard with the name of the bike(s) being presented so that throughout the show people will know who the bike owners are and can be approached to discuss their bike even if they’re not standing nearby.

Personnel – who will care for and supervise my bike while it is at Martin Motorsports?

  • The bikes will be handled only by the bike show committee members and/or mechanics or experienced staff. The showroom has increased security during this period as well.

Insurance – what happens if the worst happens?

  • Adequate insurance is provided by the dealership to cover any and all foreseeable situations; theft, fire, etc. We all understand the level of ownership and adoration for one’s bike, so please know that we will ensure each bike’s well-being as best as possible.

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