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IV HOG Ride Guidelines

IVHogLogoIV HOG Ride Guidelines

Road Captains are in charge of the ride and are responsible for all ride planning and maintaining group integrity. There will be a “lead” road captain in front and a “sweep/drag” road captain in the rear of the group. Whenever possible, the road captains will use CB radios for communication.

A pre-ride review will be held before each ride to review route of travel, hand signals, CB channels used, stopping plans, and safety rules.

All riders should arrive with a full gas tank and an empty personal gas tank (empty bladder).

The rides will be in a two column, staggered formation with each rider maintaining AT LEAST 2 seconds minimum spacing with the rider directly ahead of him and 1 second spacing behind the rider in the opposite column. Faster highway speeds require more space. Never ride along side or close behind the rider in the opposite column. Each rider has the right to expect he can maneuver the whole width of the lane to avoid obstacles, potholes, etc.

All riders should help maintain formation integrity, never change columns during a ride.

If a rider has to leave the formation, adjacent riders should “wave up” the next rider in that column to replace the leaving rider and maintain the staggered formation.

All rides will be conducted at a safe speed, taking into account the weather conditions and allowing for new or inexperienced riders. The lead road captain will regulate the group speed to try and reduce the “rubber band” effect after pulling away from any stop or slowdown.

IV HOG doesn’t condone the use of blockers.

The lead road captain will plan the rides to allow stopping for gas etc. approximately every 60 miles or as the ride plan dictates.

If the group becomes separated by a stop sign or traffic light etc, the last rider in the front group will hang at the last turn in view of the separated group to see, and in a safe location. As the last rider is pulling over to wait for the separated group, he should make sure that the rider in front of him knows that they are stopping, as not to break the cycle. The lead road captain has to use his discretion to pull over to re-group at a safe location down the road.

The group will stay together at all times. If a rider needs to leave the group, he should notify all other road captains at the begin of the ride.

If a rider is forced to pull over, the group will continue in the direction of travel. Do NOT pull over yourself. The rear road captain will pull over to assist the “stricken” rider. The group will pull over at the next safe location and await the disposition of the stricken rider.

When passing, the lead road captain will signal that the group is going to pass. The rear road captain will pull into t he passing lane, prior to the group, to slow down and prevent any vehicles from coming up into the group. The group will then be able to safely start passing. After the lead road captain pulls out to pass, the group will then follow him.

The “guidelines” will be reviewed and/or updated at least once every year to allow input and modifications by the chapter members. Hand signals will be designated by the lead road captain and used when turning, passing, or pointing out road hazards, etc. hand signals must be passed back through the entire group by each individual rider to the rear road captain.


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