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My Trike Build Project: Phase 1- Back To The Future – By Rich Lanning

Download the PDF of the article here: lanning build part 1.pdf

So you just bought that new Harley and want to make it yours. Throwing all the chrome accessories from some catalog on it will only make it look like every other bike in the parking lot. It’s time to think outside of the catalog! I have always admired old Harley Servi-Cars and that’s the vision I had when I started my project.

Trike with powder coated wheels and powder coated front end

Trike with powder coated wheels and front end

lanning build

Stock Harley-Davidson Trike


The old Servi-Cars had a minimum amount of chrome on them so I stripped the trike down and sent the chrome pieces to be powder coated. While I was waiting for the parts, I decided to improve on a few things to make the trike handle and run better. First I replaced the stock exhaust header with Vance & Hines cat-less pipes, a K&N breather element, Satin black mufflers by American Exhaust. A stage 1 download was performed by Dean’s.

Then I swapped out the stock shock brackets for a set which gives a 1.25 inch lift to the rear end. This got rid of the tail dragger look and made the steering slightly quicker. While the primary cover was off, I replaced the stock chain tensioner with the Hayden spring loaded unit.

For my riding style I felt I should replace the stock clutch spring with a better unit so I replaced it with the Evolution Clutch Spring and also replaced the thin steel retaining ring with the Clutch Wiz retaining ring which is manufactured from aircraft aluminum.

Harley air cooled engines generate heat which makes the underside of the fuel tank basically an oven. So, I raised the fuel tank two inches. This lets air pass over the top of the engine and gives greater access to the rocker boxes for easier cleaning.

Next, I added one inch floor board extensions so I could move my feet farther away from the engine. Now, this is only Stage 1 of my project and I realize it is not what everybody else would do. But, so far, I have not seen a trike like it in the parking lot.

richlanningMy Stage 1 modifications are:

  • V&H dresser duals-satin black mufflers
  • Hayden Primary chain tensioner
  • Clutch Wis-Evolution Clutch
  • Evolution Clutch Spring
  • Floor board extensions
  • Black powder coated primary cover
  • Cam cover
  • Top & side transmission covers
  • Exhaust shields
  • Air cleaner cover
  • Engine guard
  • Front and rear wheels
  • Mirrors
  • Brake and clutch levers
  • Lower front fender trim
  • Lower fork legs
  • Machined aluminum fork tube covers
  • Baby moon hub caps
  • Front wheel spacers
  • Baby Moon air cleaner insert
  • Built to fit trailer hitch

Stage Two will include: cam and push rod swap, fuel management system, powder coated tank console, top of rocker boxes, passenger grab rail, tour pack hinges and latches, front fender trim and rear tail light trim.

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