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Road King CVO Customization Project

George Wagenseller’s

Road King CVO Customization Project

AS FEATURED IN THE May 2014 Newsletter

Motorcycles are very personal things to their owners. I guess that’s because, for many, they are something more than transportation: they’re hobbies, life style statements, toys or even adult fantasies. Riders want to put their personal stamp on their bikes and make them stand out from the crowd.

I have owned two other bikes before my current one – a 2014 Road King CVO (orange and black) – and I learned that when you customize your bike, you had better like what you are doing because it’s unlikely that anyone else will place much value on your design style. The money I put into those bikes made very little difference in the price I got when I sold them. This is why I bought my CVO: it came with everything; needed nothing. Or, so I thought, until I ran into George Wagenseller at Dean’s recently.

George had just bought a 2014 Road King CVO (green and black) and told me that he planned to custom-ize it. After hearing George’s vision for the bike I decided that his customization project was something I wanted to know more about and maybe IVHOGGERs would too.

I asked George why, after spending nearly $30,000 on the bike he wanted to customize it.

George: “I’ve always wanted a Road King and green is my favorite color. So when Harley came out with the Screaming Eagle in green I knew it was mine. Now it’s true the bike already has some stuff done to it; however, I had to make it my bike. I had to personalize it.

“Starting at the top – I am putting custom made ape hangers on because I find them to be very comfortable. Also, I’m putting on different grips and wrapping the brake and clutch levers with leather for the same reason. I am adding black passing lamps because I like the light I get in the turns at night; the Screaming Eagle does not come with them.

“The chrome trim on the head light and center of handle bars is getting black powder coat too. I think this will tie the black and green of the rest of bike together nicely. I’m also putting black highway pegs on for the long rides I like so much. Then I am adding some custom artwork to the saddle bags and the primary cover.

“Continuing the black and green scheme, the chrome lowers are also getting black powder coat. I don’t know why Harley didn’t do this to begin with. They made the uppers green to match the top of the fender. But the lowers were chromed. I think they should have blackened them to match the lower part of the fender. I was going to black out the dash, but thought the chrome one would add a little contrast. And, I can always change it later if I want.

“Now, last but not least, the exhaust is something that we all know has to be changed on a bike. The stock exhaust is just too quiet. So I went with Vance & Hines headers without the cats and the Screaming Eagle Street Canons. This combo should make it bark a little more!”

To make this all work required a team effort by the folks at Dean’s. Randy Ziegler, Dean’s General Manager, coordinated the work to execute George’s vision. Travis Faulkinberry, who is a mechanic at Dean’s, did the bulk of the powder coating work while Kenny Mondello, of Mondello’s Auto Body and Ranae Andress of Wile-E-Designs handled custom work on the bike’s bags and elsewhere on the bike.

Here are some shots of the project:

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