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Elizabeth Quigley

See my Why I Ride Post on this site for more information.

2013 Quakertown Bike Night

Second annual Quakertown Bike Night hosted by the Borough of Quakertown is a community oriented motorcycle event. Cove and see your friends, ride your bike, see vendors, listen to live music, eat some spectacular food, participate in the activities, and enjoy the bonfire and a bike show. Interested vendors and sponsors should contact the Borough of Quakertown at 215.536.5001 x 113 or visit our website: www.quakertown.org/bikenight. Continue reading

Information on Columcille Ride, June 23rd, meeting at Dean’s KSU 10am,

We have just learned, there will be a special public event at Collumcille, the megalith park, our destination for tomorrow's ride. It is a gathering to celebrate the first day of spring. This means that the very small parking lot will be filled and cars will be parking on both sides of the small back road. Parking on the road up there is too hard for motorcycles. The side of the road is too soft to safely support your bike! Therefore, we will be taking a Ride-By. You will see the location of the park and you will be able to see some of the megaliths and the Stonehenge type circle. Anyone who wants to stay at the park can pull out of line and take their chances with finding a safe parking space, but the rest of the ride will go on to a local ice cream stand before going on a leisurely ride home. Continue reading

Liz Quigley – Why I Ride

An old song from the 1950’s goes like this…………’ I've been every-where, man, I've been every-where’ then the singer goes on to name famous cities all over the country. I can’t say I've been everywhere, man, but I've ridden many places, starting in upstate New York, riding a Honda while I was sup-posed to be attending classes at Oswego State Teachers College. Every day in the spring of my senior year, I would fire up my bike, then ride it across the street from the senior girls’ dorm and park it in the parking lot at the student union where all the male riders parked. I was the only girl rider! After class, I was too cool as I rode out with the boys. That’s why I started riding. Continue reading
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