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To join IVHOG, you must first be a National HOG member.

National HOG Membership Requirements

Your National HOG membership must be valid the entire year. Please don’t let it expire. If your National membership expires, you can no longer be a valid IVHOG member and need to sign in at the meeting as a guest.

Interested in joining HOG National?  Go to HOG’s website.

***Membership Renewals for 2024 are Now Open***

See  chapter’s Membership Officer Sandra Kester

Beginning the month of October 2023, you can renew their membership to IV HOG for a fee of $25.00.  Please complete the new/renewal membership form, found on the IV HOG website clearly, and either stop by Freedom Valley H-D of Sellersville to drop off, bring with you to the monthly chapter meeting or mail to Mary Ellen McKay 1021 Schoolhouse Road, East Greenville PA 18041 and be sure to include the total payment of $25.00.  

This is a reminder that if I haven’t received your membership renewal by December 31, 2023, you won’t have access to a IV HOG website if you have an email address. You can bring your membership renewal form to the next chapter meeting. I will do my best to get you back on the website ASAP.

Membership Applications can be downloaded here from our website, or picked up at Freedom Valley H-D of Sellersville.  Please print CLEARLY when completing the membership form.  You can give the completed form along with the $25.00 membership fee to Sandra at a chapter meeting or mail it to:, or Drop it off at:

Freedom Valley H-D of Sellersville.
3255 State Road Sellersville PA 18960

FREE IV HOG Chapter Membership:

When an active member of IV HOG chapter purchases a new or used motorcycle from Freedom Valey H-D of Sellersville, they will receive one year free chapter membership.  Please inform Sandra Kester of your new purchase.

When a new non-member who purchases a “new motorcycle” from Freedom Valley H-D of Sellersville, they will receive a one year free chapter membership and a National HOG Membership Number, if they do not already have one.

When a new non-member who purchases a “used motorcycle” from Freedom Valley H-D of Sellersville, they will receive a one year free chapter membership. They must purchase a National HOG membership on their own before they can take advantage of their free Chapter Membership. (This is a requirement of Harley-Davidson)

When Downloading this form, REMEMBER: Right Click on this Link, and choose “Save Link as…” to save the form to your computer (AS SEEN IN THE IMAGE BELOW). This will allow you to type your information into the PDF and Print it out, or Save it on your computer with the information in the form. IF YOU JUST CLICK ON THE FORM, You MAY NOT be able to type the information into the form.
Membership Applications can be downloaded here



Once You download the form you should be able to open it up, and see that you are able to type in the fields in light Blue, as seen below.
You should also be able to select from Membership  Renewal, or New Member, If you are still un-able to fill them in, just print out the form, and fill them in with a pen.


Your Membership Officer:

There area many things the membership officer does every month, from adding new members, to adding them to gain access to our web site, and removing old members that have decided not to renew. With upwards of 400 members every year now, this keeps Sandra quite busy making sure every member gets a Card, Gains access to the Web Site and is listed correctly in the Members roll with the correct Phone Number, and Email address. Please help her to get the information correct by taking extra care when writing or typing out your Phone Number and Email address to make sure it is easy to read so she gets it right. Linda spends at least 20 hours of her own time a month or more making sure she picks up new membership forms answering questions and helping members gain access to information, along with her other paperwork required with her position.

Thank You.

Interested in taking riding classes?

Go to either Harley-Davidson’s Rider’s Edge website or the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s website.

Motorcycle Safety Foundation

The MSF has good info for riding like universal Hand Signals or Gary McGinty’s T-Clocks pre-ride inspection Check List.
You can also test your motor riding skills at this website http://msf-usa.org/MotorcycleChallenge/index.html