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AMA seeks knowledgeable riders


FHWA establishes Motorcyclist Advisory Council

The Federal Highway Administration announced the establishment of a Motorcyclist Advisory Council. “The MAC will coordinate with and advise the FHWA Administrator on infrastructure issues of concern to motorcyclists, including: (1) barrier design; (2) road design, construction, and maintenance practices; and (3) the architecture and implementation of intelligent transportation system technologies.”

Since the AMA expects to be involved with the Motorcyclist Advisory Council and wishes more riders to be part of the committee, we are asking our members who have specific skill sets to contact us.

According to the FHWA notice, the MAC can have as many as 10 members. One or more members can qualify under “(2) State/Local traffic and safety engineers, design engineers, or other transportation department officials who are motorcyclists.”

This is an opportunity to stack the deck to ensure motorcyclists’ voices are heard on the advisory council.  We need strong rider support on the various issues coming before the Motorcyclist Advisory Council.

You can help by recommending to us knowledgeable riders on highway issues or volunteering yourself.

Experience with local, state and federal agencies will be helpful. If you are interested or would like to recommend a friend, please contact the AMA at grassroots@ama-cycle.org


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