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Judy Macy – Why I Ride

The bet was off! I wanted to ride, too!

Throughout our 25 years of marriage (and 6 years dating), Dan had mentioned time and again that he would love to get a motorcycle. I would never hold him back from his dreams and ambitions, however, I expressed my deepest concern about the village idiots in cages on the road, who would worry me to ulcers if he were sharing the road with them while on a motorcycle. Dan respected my concerns for many years.

During those years, when we would visit my brother in CA, I often would take short rides with Tom (who is a long time friend of Dan’s before I was in the picture) and just loved it!!!

Four years ago, I took a ride with Tom and had an epiphany as I dismounted at the end of the ride. I loved being on that Harley (police bike), so much that I told Dan he could get one for his 50th birthday. However, the offer wasn’t without a deal for me. For years, I’ve wanted a black lab puppy, to be a companion for our yellow lab, Aiko, (pronounced “eye-co”, named after the “Aiko, Aiko” song the Grateful Dead covered). The deal was set and Dan immediately got busy studying for his license. As I sat on the sofa watching him study, I realized he was serious, but most importantly to me, I realized I wanted to ride, too….MY OWN BIKE!

We got our licenses together as a result of completing the Riders Safety Course. From that point on, I have been completely and utterly passionate about riding. I’ve heard there are riders who like to ride and riders who “have” to ride. I fit into the latter category. Riding just takes me to my happy place, as I all I want to feel is the wind on my face and hear the roaring and rumbling of my Vance and Hines pipes! I love how all stress is released after hitting second gear, as my brother correctly claimed. Since getting my license, I bought and outgrew a Honda Rebel 250 in two months, upgraded to a Sportster 1200, and once I gained some experience riding, I traded that in for a 2012 Fat Boy! My fourth grade students are in as much awe as me when I fire it up!

I began exploring many roads I never knew existed, but you’re never lost on a Harley, right? We rode our bikes in Sturgis for my 50th birthday. It was just amazing riding out there! We, also, have done quite a few charitable rides, (Toy Runs, Ride for the Heroes, etc.). In addition, we rode in NC for Outer Banks Bike week, the Catskills, Flagler Beach/Daytona, etc.

Besides the freedom I feel as a rider, I am proud to be part of the HOG family. Lisa Gorham, who I knew in Jr. High, invited me to a Ladies of Harley meeting and the IV HOG meeting. Dan and I were impressed at the patriotism and closeness of this HOG group. Our lives have been enriched since be-coming part of this wonderful group of genuinely kind people.

I am looking forward to many more fantastic rides! We have a Toy Hauler so “have bikes and dog, will travel”. Oh, and by the way, Aiko and I are still working on that black lab puppy! I may need to make another deal!

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