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Iron Elite Patch

Iron Elite showcases the rich history, inspiring stories and custom bikes of African American riders. African-American riders have been among the most influential in our 110 year history, blazing trails for not only other African-American riders, but for the motorcycle industry at large. Consider legends such as William B. Johnson, the first African-American Harley-Davidson dealer; Bessie Stringfield, the first known African-American woman to ride solo cross-country on a Harley in the 1930's; and Benny Hardy, the custom bike builder who helped create the iconic “Captain America” motorcycle for the movie Easy Rider. We pay tribute to these African-American Harley legends and others like them by creating a special, limited edition Iron Elite Patch. Continue reading

H.O.G. Magazine on iPad, Free to Members

HOG® MAGAZINE iPAD EDITION NOW AVAILABLE ON THE APP STORE! FREE to all full members of Harley Owners Group. Must be a full or life member to access HOG magazine. Associate members must upgrade membership to full or life to access HOG magazine. It’s everything you love about HOG magazine and more in a convenient, interactive, go-anywhere digital format.Visit the App Store to subscribe. There is no charge for current full and full life members. The tablet edition contains all the same content as the print edition, plus bonus, digital-only content such as expanded photo galleries and more. The app is included as part of your membership benefits. You can use your existing iTunes account credentials to install Newsstand and download the HOG magazine app. If you don’t have an iTunes account? You will need to open one to download the free Newsstand app and HOG magazine. Your account is not linked to iTunes. Continue reading

My Son Matt by Ken Cook

Hello, My name is Ken Cook, I wanted to share a story with you all. My son Matt has been riding his own bike since he was 17. He started off on a Yamaha 535 Verago and quickly started saving for a Harley Sportster. He found a 2000 1200s which he quickly began to make his own by removing chrome, painting it flat black, hand painting his own pin striping, graphics and ghost flames. Continue reading

Mary Ellen McKay – Why I Ride

Ok, so technically I’m a passenger, but the thrill is still the same. I love the feel of the bike, the open road, the wind in my face, and the beautiful scenery that mesmerizes me. I have always loved motor-cycles. I almost got one for my high school graduation, but my mom talked my dad out of it. So instead I had to share a car with my brother. But the interest never left. Fast forward to 2005 of my previous life. I was an excited half owner of a Road King Classic and join IVHOG. It was a little intimidating standing in a room of “Bikers”, but soon came to realize I was among an awesome group of people. The rides were fun, and the people were even more fun. I met some really special people that I am proud to call friends. Continue reading

Liz Quigley – Why I Ride

An old song from the 1950’s goes like this…………’ I've been every-where, man, I've been every-where’ then the singer goes on to name famous cities all over the country. I can’t say I've been everywhere, man, but I've ridden many places, starting in upstate New York, riding a Honda while I was sup-posed to be attending classes at Oswego State Teachers College. Every day in the spring of my senior year, I would fire up my bike, then ride it across the street from the senior girls’ dorm and park it in the parking lot at the student union where all the male riders parked. I was the only girl rider! After class, I was too cool as I rode out with the boys. That’s why I started riding. Continue reading

IV HOG Ride Guidelines

Road Captains are in charge of the ride and are responsible for all ride planning and maintaining group integrity. There will be a "lead" road captain in front and a "sweep/drag" road captain in the rear of the group. Whenever possible, the road captains will use CB radios for communication. A pre-ride review will be held before each ride to review route of travel, hand signals, CB channels used, stopping plans, and safety rules. All riders should arrive with a full gas tank and an empty personal gas tank (empty bladder). The rides will be in a two column, staggered formation with each rider maintaining AT LEAST 2 seconds minimum spacing with the rider directly ahead of him and 1 second spacing behind the rider in the opposite column. Faster highway speeds require more space. Never ride along side or close behind the rider in the opposite column. Each rider has the right to expect he can maneuver the whole width of the lane to avoid obstacles, potholes, etc. Continue reading

Group Riding: 17 Tips To Ensure Everybody Has A Great Day

The engine purrs beneath you as a string of motorcycles snakes through the hills in front of you. With a quick look in the mirror, you see your buddy following close behind with a smile on his face that matches yours. The camaraderie forms because, at just this moment, you're all on the same page. That's what a group ride is all about. It's an opportunity to share the open road and wonderful scenery with other like-minded people. But like most motorcycle experiences, this one is best enjoyed by following a few simple guidelines that keep everyone safe. And that's the idea behind a new videotape put out by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation that focuses on group riding. You can get your own copy by visiting the MSF website, but here are a few tips from the country's foremost motorcycle safety experts. Continue reading

2013 HD Heritage Softail Classic 110th Test

With Harley-Davidson proudly commemorating its 110th anniversary this year, it is only fitting to revisit one of The Motor Company’s most enduring models, a bike that is quietly celebrating its 25th year of production. One of the first of the FLs in the Softail family, the Heritage Softail Classic connects the dots between the 1940s, the 1980s, and the 2010s. Outfitted with a mid-height windshield, floorboards, and leather bags festooned with conchos, it is easy to peg the Heritage Softail Classic as strictly a touring mount. However, the bike lives outside of Harley’s Touring classification, as it utilizes a Softail chassis and a Twin Cam 103B motor; Harley’s Touring motorcycles have their own chassis and a rubber-mounted Twin Cam 103 motor, sans counterbalancing. Continue reading

Best Western & Harley-Davidson 2013

Best Western International and Harley-Davidson Motor Company® announced today that the two organizations have extended their partnership with one another for an additional three years. Best Western is also expanding its programs for motorcycle enthusiasts from North America to a global level. The agreement provides benefits for both brands and their respective customers. As part of the agreement, Best Western is serving as the Official Lodging Partner of Harley-Davidson’s 110th Anniversary in 2013. In addition, Best Western is now the Preferred Lodging Partner of Harley-Davidson’s Rentals and Tours Division, which will include the hotel chain’s properties on its multi-night itineraries and provide more revenue opportunities for Best Western hotels. Continue reading

Linda Joseph – Why I Ride

I was first introduced to motorcycles during the late 1970’s when some friend of ours had a motorcycle and my first husband bought a Honda 550 bike. At that time I was a passenger and during our rides, I looked around at other riders and wondered what it would be like to drive my own motorcycle. After a couple of years, we decided to sell this bike to buy a larger Honda 750. Shortly after that purchase, I got pregnant and that was the end of my riding days. Continue reading

First Sunday Ride

The Cloister Post 429 of the American Legion hosts a motorcycle show on the first Sunday of each month, April through November, from 7 a.m. till noon. See thousands of motorcycles on display from concept, classic and cool. We also sell delicious food during the event with a ballroom breakfast buffet open to everyone, burgers at the Sons of Legion tent and cold drinks, coffee and pastries at the Ladies Auxiliary Booth. Stop by and bring the family! Continue reading

Act 84 Changes Affecting Teens Applying for Motorcycle Licenses

As of Friday, Aug. 31 2012, a new law takes effect that impacts 16- and 17-year-olds who wish to take the skills test for their motorcycle licenses. Under Act 84, which Governor Corbett signed on July 2, any person 16- or 17-years old who wants a motorcycle license must first complete the Basic Rider Course (BRC) offered by the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program (PAMSP). You will be covered by this change if you are scheduled for the motorcycle skills test on Friday Aug. 31 or thereafter. Continue reading

PA – Motorcycle Information Center

To obtain a Class M (Motorcycle) license, an individual must pass a basic motorcycle knowledge test and apply for a Class M learner’s permit. The learner’s permit allows the applicant to ride only between sunrise and sunset and, except for a rider licensed to operate another class of vehicle, only while under the instruction and supervision of an individual who holds a Class M license. Class M permit holders cannot carry any passengers other than an instructor properly licensed to operate a motorcycle. The permit is valid for 1 year. The cost of the permit is $10.00. Continue reading

Safe Riders Skill Program

At the Harley Owners Group®, safe riding is a top priority. So, to encourage all our members to ride as skillfully and safely as possible, we offer tuition reimbursement up to US $50* (in the form of a coupon – see guidelines below) for the successful completion of an accredited Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSA) rider training course, including Harley-Davidson Rider's Edge® courses in the U.S. or the outlined courses below for Canada. Successful students will also receive a pin and patch featuring the "Safe Rider Skills" logo. As a further incentive, H.O.G. chapters with at least 12 members completing a course in a single calendar year will receive special recognition: a Safe Rider Skills plaque. Continue reading

Trudie Yeager – Why I Ride

My riding experience began when we purchased a 1950 Harley-Davidson Scooter while living in upper New York State. Such beautiful country – we rode all over! I fell in love with the riding feeling and the beauty as seen from the scooter with no windows to impede the view. After moving back to PA, we had a 1960 Vespa Scooter and rode that all over on local roads, Pocono's, shore, etc. The next step was a 1973 Honda 350 cc. Again, lots of riding including trips to Syracuse, NY. There were thoughts in the back of my head that I might like to learn to ride on my own. Continue reading



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