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Motorcycle enthusiast claims Harley voided warranty over American flag

A former state lawmaker from Chippewa Falls who has logged more miles on a Harley-Davidson than probably anyone on the planet says Harley has voided the warranty on his bike because there are too many flags flown on it, including a 3x5-foot American flag. Dave Zien, who rode more than a million miles on his 1991 Harley that's now parked in the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame in South Dakota, says Harley-Davidson refused to honor the warranty on his new motorcycle after the clutch and transmission failed on a recent trip to Dallas. Continue reading

Road King CVO Customization Project

Motorcycles are very personal things to their owners. I guess that’s because, for many, they are something more than transportation: they’re hobbies, life style statements, toys or even adult fantasies. Riders want to put their personal stamp on their bikes and make them stand out from the crowd. Continue reading

E15 Gasoline: What You Should Know

There is a lot of concern about the use E15 gasoline (gasoline that contains between 10.5% and 15% ethanol) in gasoline powered engines. So, I decided to do a little research on the subject to see for myself what the facts are and to pass along what I learned to IVHOG members. In my prior life I worked for Sunoco for 32 years in IT management in several divisions. So, while I’m not a gasoline expert, I have acquired more than a little insight into the gasoline business. Continue reading

Tiffani Liebel – Why I Ride

When I was little, my dad would always talk to me about riding on dirt bikes when he was younger and all the fun he had on street bikes when he finally saved up for one. He took me to all sorts of motorcycle events. At one event, Dad let me ride around on a little dirt bike track they had set up. The bike even had training wheels! I remember racing around lapping all the boys, and it was then I realized that I wanted to ride when I grew up. Continue reading

Judy Macy – Why I Ride

Throughout our 25 years of marriage (and 6 years dating), Dan had mentioned time and again that he would love to get a motorcycle. I would never hold him back from his dreams and ambitions, however, I expressed my deepest concern about the village idiots in cages on the road, who would worry me to ulcers if he were sharing the road with them while on a motorcycle. Dan respected my concerns for many years. Continue reading

Ever wanted one of those Sport Cameras?

Well if you have thought it would be cool to get one of those GoPro Sport cameras that mount on everything from helmets, to handle bars and every body part you can imagine, but just could not justify pulling the trigger on the $399.00 Price Tag and then more for the extras. Check out some of these options before you run right out and buy one. Continue reading

HARLEY EXCLUSIVE! First Ride Harley Street 750

American Iron Magazine was given an exclusive sneak preview of Harley-Davidson’s new Street 750 last week, and our first ride on this international model, which is also available in the US, was rather revealing. First, we should point out that our ride was aboard a special reproduction model, so developmental changes are still in the works at this point, and what will ultimately be offered in showrooms could differ a bit from what we rode. Continue reading

UN passes resolution on global road rules

The United Nations’ General Assembly passed a resolution April 10 titled “Improving Global Road Safety.”Ambassador Suzanne Powers, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, agreed to cosponsor the resolution that “calls for laws to fight texting and driving." Her official remarks can be viewed by clicking here. However, the resolution also contains language calling for mandatory helmet laws and harmonization of vehicle regulations in the name of “safety.” This resolution is non-binding, but the American Motorcyclist Association wants you to be aware of the international momentum for laws and regulations that might affect you in the future. Continue reading

Aleenta Hua Hin Offers Harley Davidson Discovery Trips

Award-winning boutique resort,Aleenta Hua Hin-Pranburi has hit the road intent on offering guests the ultimate Easy Rider experience along the coastal roads to Pranburi with the introduction of Harley Davidson transfers from Bangkok. Riders stop half way at a secluded beachfront location to enjoy a five-star organic picnic, fresh from the resort's 50 rai organic farm, served by the Aleenta team who follow riders en route. The route weaves through fishing villages,limestone karsts,national parks,farm land and off the beaten track temples,such as Khao Luang cave temple just outside of Petchaburi,before reaching Pranburi,30-minutes past Hua Hin town. Riders then have the chance to explore further through the winding roads and spectacular scenery in Sam Roi Yot National Park,which is near the resort. Continue reading

Easy rider on Harley-Davidson mobility scooter fools the police

Geoff Dickson says officers often mistake his £6,000 electric buggy for a proper motorbike. He has been pulled over after riding on the pavement and hunted down in cafes after parking on a walkway. But police back down when they realise his three-wheeler is fully ­legal and only capable of 4mph. The buggy is a familiar sight in Wells, Somerset, where the father of three, 64, has been nicknamed the “Wells Angel”. Geoff has the condition HSP – which means his nerves are dying, leaving him unable to control his legs. Continue reading

Harley-Davidson is getting down for 2014

Harley-Davidson is getting down for 2014. The new Low Rider brings a classic name back to the lineup, along with easy-to-ride features injected with 1970’s style. Based on the company’s Dyna model, the Low Rider is fitted with a low-mounted, two-person seat that slides 1.5-inches fore and aft, along with handlebars that offer 2.4 inches of adjustment to make the bike more accessible to shorter riders. Continue reading

2014 V-Twin Touring Motorcycle Comparison

They’re kings of the road, land yachts of the motorcycle realm. Big bikes built to haul the most cargo possible on two-wheels, doing so decked out in chrome guards, sparkling paint and buttons to push everywhere. They perch riders up high in the saddle so they can see the world, invite them to bring along a friend with well-padded pillions, run satellite radio and navigation systems and announce their approach with high intensity LEDs that light up the night. They are a conduit for manufacturers to throw every conceivable option and gadget on as they try and outdo competitors all fighting for a demographic with a tendency to spend big money. Continue reading

Motorcycle Safety Foundation offers FREE iTunes U courses

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has launched four new iTunes U courses: “An Adventure in Motorcycle Physics,” “Dr. Ray’s Street Strategies,” “Dr. Ray’s Guide to Group Riding” and “Dr. Ray’s Seasoned Rider.” These four courses address a wide variety of motorcycle tips and strategies to help motorcyclists sharpen their skills, make wise choices on the road and become riders of good riding character. All four courses are free and are available now on Apple's iTunes U. Continue reading

2014 Americade

Americade is the world's largest multi-brand motorcycle touring rally, attracting over 100,000 annually. Come for the day or for the week to the "Best Riding Event in the U.S." with the most factory demos, a massive motorcycle expo, lots of incredible motorcycle events and more amazing rides than any other event in the country! Continue reading

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