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I just wanted to thank all of the members that went out of their way this past Saturday to attend the event at Rockhill Community and Greenfield. That morning at breakfast, Tawmy and I were talking about the fact that we did not know how all of this would play out and how many would be in attendance at either event. As usual, IV HOG does not disappoint !!! We arrived at Rockhill and there were already several bikes there !!! We rolled in with about another 9 or so, bringing the total bikes there to about 15 or so. We rolled out of there about 12:45 and headed to Greenfield for their event. There were already about 20 or so bikes there !!! What a great day and proof once again that IV HOG is the absolute best when it comes to attendance and willingness to make sure that we make a difference in people’s lives. To see the faces on the residents when they looked at and rode on the bikes is unforgettable !!! My heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you that went out of your way to make sure that these overlapping events were successful, Thank you !!!! Pete

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